Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Voices Rendered - I Once Had You To Lean On - A Woman Is Sitting - I'm Lost In A World

Voices rendered

I once had you to lean on
And now you are gone
What am I to do
Now that I miss you
I had a problem
You came to me
I tore you apart
And now you are gone

A woman is sitting
By her door waiting
Waiting for someone
Who took her heart
And loved her all
Through the years
Of their marriage
She will see him soon
Sooner than she
Thinks; Knows
They will be
Together again

I'm lost in a world
All of my own
No one can understand
No one can be confused
I'm trapped in a world
All of my own
No one can enter
No one can leave
I'm caught
I'm surrounded
By people who
Don't know what's
Going on in
My mind
Sometimes I feel
Like killing myself
There's only one thing
Holding me back
The Celestial

Sunday, December 11, 2011

There Was A Man - Where Are You? - I See Your Light Shine

There was a man
This man had a shoe
The shoe had a hand
The hand held mine
Mine held yours
Yours held the mans
Now it's Saturn's turn

Where are you?
Not with me
I wish you could see
All I've gone through
What is love anyway?
It's just a word you wanted
Me to say
My heart broke that day
I have nothing to say

I see your light shine
I see your face glow
There's something about you
I want to know
You have a smile
That brightens your face
You can see it
In every place
You say it's from
The gospel you teach
You tell everyone
Who is within reach
There's the baptism
And conversion
But first of all
There are the discussions
Now I have the glow on my face
You can see in every place

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Eyes - I Walk Down The Beach - What

My eyes
See you
In her
You don't
Know how
Much that
I could
Crawl into
My skin and

I walk down the
I feel the sand
It feels good to
If only for a little
I see long time
I see long time
They start to fade
And I'm brought back
To reality


Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Sitting Next - My Life - I Can't Fall

I'm sitting next
To you
You are sitting
Next to me
In a room
Full of people
All of a sudden
They are gone
You face me
I face you
What are we
To do?
Then out of
I scream

My life
What's it for
What am I to do
I'm confused
About everything
There's no confidence
There's no esteem
Why do I have
To be like this
Why can't I
Do anything
Why am I scared
I need a push, but
I push it away
I don't have
A life
I feel I shouldn't
This doesn't make
Any sense
Should it
Why should I care
Why care
About anything

I can't fall
In love with
You know the
Reason for
People would
Your girlfriend
Would beat
Me to a

Monday, October 31, 2011

Do You Love Me - We Were Separated - My Name

Do you love me
Are you true
Do you cheer me up
When I'm blue
Are you a friend
Do you ignore me
Do you say "Hi" to me
And not throw me on the floor
Do you love me
(Or) Will you leave
And tell your friends
I'm your pet peeve
Am I your sister
Do you comfort me
No, you just say,
"Let her be"
I'm ending my (mental) life
Right here and now
Because you always say
"You look like a cow"
So here's my farewell
To you and friends
So I guess this is
My life to end
(So) Please be kind to me
And save me from dying

We were separated
Now we're together

My name
Your name
Everyone's name

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Fingers Touched Mine - She Couldn't Stand - Will I Dance

Your fingers touched mine
As we danced
We talked for a while
I think I saw you smile
My head went in a whirl
Do you see me as
A pretty girl?
My hands were sweaty (I hope you didn't mind)
I want you for my teddy (bear)
The song came to a close
Only heaven knows what
The future holds
As you said my name it was as if
No one was around; I didn't want
To come back to
The ground
For joy my heart leaped
My bones, they went weak
I wish for you
My heart to keep
Please don't break it

She couldn't stand
To lose him
So she agreed
For he knew
He was what
She needs

Will I dance
This lonely
My whole life

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

For Once In My Life - We Looked At Each Other - I Like You - I Get Scared

For once in my life
Let me get what I want
I love you so dear
I don't know what to do
You probably wouldn't want me
You probably don't care
I want you
You've broken my heart
Once, twice, or more
I can't keep on counting
I need to know
What your feelings are
Should we go for it or no
Do you love me
Do you care
I need you so much
I wish I knew
Should I try
Tell me what to do
I can't live
Without you

We looked at each other
Not knowing what
To do
He knew she knew
She wished it wasn't
They came so far
From opposite worlds
She was due
He decided to leave
Though it's him
She needs

I like you
You like me
We are as
Happy as can

I get scared
Something could happen
Between us

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For Once, Just Once - Hope Someone - In A Mirror

For once, just once
Let me say what I want
I hurt when you leave
But it's you that I need
I need to know where I stand
Should I go
Should I stay
Do you want me
Or out of your way
Why am I here
I ask myself
There's no love
There's no caring
On my shoulders
It's you that I'm bearing
It's time to go
I hear you say
Have a very happy
Happy day

Hope someone
Will save
My day
And show
Me the

In a mirror
I see myself
I'm tall
That day on the
Beach with him
Is all I recall
We were splendid
Had time on our side
Then one day
Our relationship died
I don't know
What happened
Why he changed his mind
I do know that
All day and night
I cried

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why'd You Go - My Last Wish - Familiar Means Knowing

Why'd you go
Why'd you leave
I need you
I need to be
You were my life
My every thing
I'm nothing now
I cry lakes
My heart's in pieces
Over the floor
All of my life
I've been waiting
You came
You left when I
Why why why
How am I to
Without you

My last wish
Would be
For someone
To truly
Love me

Familiar means knowing
Do I know you
You've been gone too long
Don't seem familiar
To me
Shake my memory
Til I hurt
I need a band-aid

Friday, August 26, 2011

This Sure Is A Confusing Life - Two Strangers - I'm Face To Face

This sure is a confusing life
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say
I don't know
My own way
I try to be myself
But it just doesn't work
When I do try
People might
Think I'm a dork
I am always too shy
I am always too quiet
I always think that
There is always a fight

Two strangers
In a room
They can't
Know what's
To happen
They stare
At each
Other waiting
For someone
To move
He does
She starts
To shake
They meet
And kiss

I'm face to face
With your face
I see the twinkle
In your eye
The smirk on your
Lovely lips
What do you
See on mine

Friday, August 12, 2011

You Were There - Empty - Will You Marry Me - Find Me

You were there
I was there
Everybody parted
It sounded
Like a
Do you know
About me
I know
About you
Let's find
Out about
Each other


Will you marry me
I will marry you

Find me
Find me in your heart
I'll be waiting
Longing for you
To come to the
Reality we belong
Find me

Monday, July 25, 2011

To Get My Life In Order - To My Fellow People

To get my life in order
I need help
What am I to do
When there's no
Answers -- Are there
Where do I look
Where do I seek
To get my life in order
I need your help
I need some help
I need

To my fellow people
I would like to address
My feelings
I don't know how to
Express my feelings to people
I don't know what they
Would think about me
Is why I'm so quiet
And everything else you see
Hard for me to say
"I love you" because it
Me feel out of position
If I make you feel
Like I don't like you
Really sorry, it's just
That I don't know how
To Express my feelings

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who Wants Love - I Want To Get Out Of This Jail - My Heart - You Were There

Who wants love
Who needs love
What is love
What does it represent
Do you have love
Do I have love
I don't have love
No one wants to love me
Love -- What is it

I want to get out of this jail
I want to get up and move
I want to leave here right now
I can't find anything called love

My heart
Putters when
I think of you
I think of us together
Is it all in vain

You were there
Looking at me
Did you see inside
My mind

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Wish It Would Rain - You Are There Standing

I wish it would rain
Rain on me
To cover my tears
The tears you created
We used to have
Used to
Now it's bitter
Cold Dry
You left
Left me
To cry for the world
I have no heart
You tore it out
My brittle heart
To pieces

You are there standing
By your self
I feel an urge
To ask you
To dance
My feet won't move
Song is over
I hate
Can I ask
Will you say
In my dreams
We are
We laugh, have
Fun together
I wake and
Wish it will
Can I ask
Will you say

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Am A Liahona - I'm Going Through Life

I am a liahona
I direct you
To the Light
It's up to me
To stay on
The right path
If not, your
Exaltation may
Not come to pass

I'm going through life
With a blindfold
It seems
That I can occasionally
Look through
Then it gets a little darker
I'm trying to break through
But it's a difficult
Task to do
I sometimes get trapped
In my own feelings
Going through all
The possibilities
Before the choice
I do but then
I don't know why
I'm here on earth
It's been explained
And I can explain
But it's still not clear
I'm not quite ready
To see Christ
The way I see it
I need help
But yet no one
Seems to help

Sunday, May 08, 2011

So Here It Is Today - Faithful - Where Do I Go From Here

So here it is today
It's been raining
When the sun comes
Will my tears be gone
Will I have to disguise
We had good times
Fun times
It's been raining
Tears mix
When the sun comes
Will my tears be gone


Where do I go from here
Where are you going from here
Every choice takes its toll
Every choice takes its risk
Will we be together for long
Will we be together only briskly
I wonder how we'll turn out
I wonder what will happen
Will we be together for long
Will we be together only briskly
I've been uptight lately
You've been uptight lately
How will we turn out
We'll have to wait and see
Will we be together for long
Will we be together only briskly

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Couldn't You - Washing Clothes

Why couldn't you
2 years younger
Been born
2 years later
I'm here in my
Why did I
Have to see
You and get struck
I never have good luck
Who are you
Thinking of
Is she pretty
As a dove
Did you have to
Look as good
How many girls
Are by your side
How many hearts
Do you have
How many hearts
Do you break
When you look
At me
You probably don't
Have a double take
Why am I
Such a fool
To die for
Guys like you
When is my heart
Not to be broke
You have no idea
It's you it took
I need to get
Over you
And another
I need someone
Who can keep
My heart
I need to hurry
Before I go
To tears

Washing clothes
I see you in the water
You smile then fade
Washing clothes

Sunday, March 27, 2011

If You Could Be A Star - I Couldn't Risk Falling Again

If you could be a star
Where would you go
If you could dance
Where would you toe
If you could sing
Where would you be
I'm not a star
Can't dance
Can't sing
But still want you
Can I have you
Still want you
Wear my ring
If you were a hit
What would you think
If people screamed to see you
What would you do
If you were the one to shine
What, who could you not have
I'm not a hit
People don't scream to see me
I don't shine
But still want you
Can I have you
Still want you To be mine
You're a star
You're a hit
You can dance
You can sing
I want you
Can I have you
I want you
Wear my ring

I couldn't risk falling again
So I turned my head
When I saw you pop
Your head around
The corner
It was way too late
I had seen you
Your beautiful face
Your slender but built
Your welcoming smile
Ohhh, that smile took
My bones away
That gorgeous smile
Took my breath away
For it to return
I had to be yours

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Ain't Over - People Say "I'd Die For You" - Clean

It ain't over
Til it's over
I try to tell
But you won't
Listen and walk
You're in love
Though not with
Your heart is now
With your secretary
She stole you away
Right before my eyes

People say "I'd die for you"
I want to know why
If they love you and are
Loved by you
Why would they die
I love you and want to be close
Forever and forever


Sunday, February 06, 2011

I Am A Daughter

I am a daughter
A daughter of God
I came to this earth
During the times
Of mod
I'm part of the plan
To help the gospel grow
I don't want to let
My Saviour down
For that I want Him to know
Together you and I
Can bring this to pass
To share His love
To show the world
The greener side of grass
We need to be faithful
We need to be humble
Or during our journey
We may someday
I want Him to be proud
I want to be true
So I can go about
Preaching the gospel
To all of you
It'll be a long journey
It should be hard fought and won
We need to teach the world
All about the Son
I'll preach 'til it's over
I'll travel 'til the end
I want to show my love
For Him and everyone
To you to send
I hope you will learn
For this is true
Before you were born
The Christ and Saviour
You once knew
He loves you so dearly
For your sins He paid
That you might come
Unto Him; Never let His light
To fade
He'll show you the truth
He'll show you the way
For when you see Him
Oh! That will be
Such a joyful day
Be honest, be true
For the path that is strait
He is there to help you
To love you when down
To see you through the gate
One day you will see
How happy you will find
By serving His children
No guilt there will be
On your mind