Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Soul Hungered - Away In A Manger - Stubborn As A Mule - Why Am I

My soul hungered
When I wasn't
My soul shrank
When you weren't so
I counted the days
Your message to me
Wasn't all that
You not coming back
Is what I

Away in a manger
No crib for His bed
Herod found out
All but one were to be dead

Stubborn as a mule
That's what I call you
Never going anywhere
Never doing anything

Why am I
Scared and

Friday, July 20, 2007

As Companions We Come - I Cross The Railroad

As companions we come
As companions we go
To share the full gospel of Christ
We've come to let you know
As servants of the Lord
In the world two by two
We knock on everyone's door
And wear out our shoes
We're messengers of light
To help show the way
To be ready for Him
On that most glorious day
As companions we search
As companions we find
The children of our God
Before we run out of time
We're teachers of the gospel
We tread where Christ would tread
To give the everlasting gospel
For you before you're dead
We remember our purpose
To find our lost siblings dear
For when in the next world
We'll have our families together, so near
As companions we come
And as companions we go
To share the full gospel of Christ
We're here to let you know

I cross the railroad
To get there from here
When I last left you
In your eye, a tear
The roads were dusty
(I) couldn't keep clean
Our last days, bumpy
Could not have been seen
Our ties we had
Were so severely cut
Couldn't imagine others being stronger

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Go To The Ground - All I Need Is You, But - To Motivate Is

Go to the ground
Go to the sea
Get your hair done
In all kinds of weaves
I see a mountain in a far away
I see a bird that doesn't leave
A trace
Go to the land
Go to the water
Get all mothers together that have
Very fine daughters

All I need is you, but
You make me feel like a
I do my song and dance
For you to notice but you
Only laugh
Is my only service
For your entertainment
To taste or a

To motivate is
To dedicate
Or is it
To dedicate is
To motivate
We dedicate
To motivate ourselves
To preach the gospel
We motivate
To alleviate
The pains of the world

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bethesda - I'm Here By Your Side

The water is troubled
If only I can make it
Cleanse my body
Cleanse my soul
Too slow I am I know
Where is the help I need
To cleanse me
Cleanse my infirmities
Time has past waiting
Waiting for the pool
I see a Man walking
Who is He
Is He coming for
Bethesda is calm today
Does He not know
This Man stands asking,
"Wilt thou be made whole?"
'Be made whole'
My destination I've longed for
He has cleansed me
Cleansed my soul
Now I ask of you,
"Wilt thou be made whole?"
Reach for this perfect Man
No need for a pool of water
No need to wait
He's by your side
Do you not see
It is through Him
We can be cleansed
It is through Him
We can be made whole
It is through Him
We can be made free
Answer His call
"Rise....and walk"

I'm here by your side
I'll lift you up when
You're about to fall
Take my hand and know
Listen to my voice
Hear my words
See my love
Shining o'er you round

Monday, May 28, 2007

Progression - Holy - Knowing

I went looking for a seashell
What I found was a crab
I went looking for the ocean
What I found was a pad
We ruin our land, make it waste
We ruin our souls, make them paste
I went looking for a meadow
What I found was gravel
I went looking for horses
What I found was marble
We ruin nature, no more to belong
We ruin bodies, no more a song
We grow up wanting to be free
We make choices not thinking of what's to be
We need to stop at times and smell the roses
We don't want our lives filled with greed

I have come
I have gone and
My time is all but

We know
We think
We speak
Put these together
We become
I in you
You in me
We become
Never to be
Taken apart

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hear The Rustle Of - Go To Get Me - Can We Go - Blue Skies

Hear the rustle of
The wind
See it fly through
Your mind
See the colors of
The tree
Hear the leaves say
I'm free
Breeze the wind
Fly the kite
Deep breathe with all
Your might

Go to get me
Go to get he
Getting is going sh...

Can we go
We were told
Can we stay
We were told

Blue skies
Green grass

Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Sorry I Couldn't Make It - Cold Sweat

I'm sorry I couldn't make it
Even though I tried
I just wasn't ready
All night you cried
Maybe next time I'll come
We'll just have to see
When I do come
The more you'll love me
So wait and stay clean
For when I'll be with you
We'll make the best of teams
I'll be lovely and bright
You'll be beautiful and lean
We'll watch the world go by
See it come alive and green
Be patient and mild
Humble and meek
Me you'll find
All you have to do is seek
Be patient and mild
Humble and meek
Me you'll find
All you have to do is seek

Cold sweat
Hot chills
I see you eating
Hamburger Pickle Dills
Tiger Wolf
Coyot Hyena
Wanna be so close I
Can almost be ya
Rivers and oceans
Infants and parents
Our crime of love should
Be big enough for a warrant
Tiger Bear
Food Water
Don't want relation of
Being your daughter

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Here It Comes Again - Eyes Of Brown - We Go On A Merry Go Round - Moon

Here it comes again
The sun
It won't leave me
A gun
Here you go again
A strain
Trying to leave me
A train
Why all these repeats
I just cleaned the white sheets
Why all these repeats
This world reeks

Eyes of brown
You bring me down
Want to be there
To share your crown
In the mansion in the air

We go on a merry - go - round
Where do we end up
We go on a vacation cruise
It's not what we thought
He did tell us it's worth it e'en though
It may not be so easy

Let's all drive
To the harbor

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Be An Actor - Thursday's Prince - Walking Through The Forest - Sweat Falls

Be an actor
Be a star
How long will it take
To get that far
Be a model
Have a pretty face
Be careful not to get
Sprayed with mace
Be a singer
Get on stage
No one said you had
To act your age

Thursday's Prince
Friday's Frog
Saturday's Warrior

Walking through the forest
One day
I had heard someone
Don't go to grandma's
House without cookies

Sweat falls
Pools form
Hair is slick, and
Here I am in
The dorm
Heat boils
Vapor on the road
Watch where you drive
May run over
A toad

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cold - Daisies Are Nice To Have - Blue Is How I Feel - As I See You Through - Out Of My Mind

You're one
Tough cookie
I may never

Daisies are nice to have
To show them off, I mean
Don't touch the daises
Or they won't stay clean

Blue is how I feel
Green is not my way
Tears are now my friend
Motives don't go very far

As I see you through
The window shades my view
I meekly trespass your yard
Dogs sleep, no guard

Out of my mind
Out of my brain
How long is this love
Out of my skin
Out of my veins
Doesn't happen soon I'll
Go insane

Friday, January 19, 2007

Pick Me - When See Ye Me - See The Seashell - Pack It In - How Long Will I Wait For You

Pick me
Here I go
Let's get together
Don't be slow

When see ye me
Fighting over you
It's a waste of time
Lasts long as the dew
When see ye me
Rolling in the snow
Never get me out
Better get a tow

See the seashell
Climb the wall
See the seashell
Try to grow tall

Pack it in
Let it out
Die tonight
Don't shout

How long will I wait for you
I will die without
You can see my torture
What will you do

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Is That Lady - For You To Go

Who is that lady
Crossing the road
Where did she
Come from
What's in her load
Who is that lady
Walking the path
She looks like she'll have
All the Father hath
Who is that lady
Struggling to be free
How much of her
Lives inside of me
I see that lady now
In the elect that
Have passed
The trials and smooth rides
Will one day be unmasked
I see that lady now
In you and me and all
Please keep struggling and growing
I don't want you
To fall
Who is that lady
What's in her load
She's on her journey to Father
She's on her way home

For you to go
I won't say
My horse died
It was yesterday
The fish turned yellow
The leaves turned green