Friday, June 30, 2006

Petina - I've Had A Few Too Many - So There They Were

Where do you go
Why are you black and blue
Petina, oh, Petina
I wish you true
Love will come your
Why do you cry
Why is your fever high
Petina, oh, Petina
I wish you true
Love will come
Know your work needs
Know your soul needs
Petina, oh, Petina
True love will come
Love will come
Hang on

I've had a few too many
Glances at you to stay
Going crazy after
Having a few too many

So there they were
Sitting on a bench
They hadn't seen each other
For several years
Their hands were entwined
Together like rope
They were nervous
Too much for either to
That's all right
For they finally
Had each other

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Change - How Does It Be - The Moon Shines - Rabbit Bounces

If you could see me now
You would be amazed at the
If you could see how
You lifted me up when
If you could only see
For a minute
For a second
You would see you mean
The world to me

How does it be
A goon
He cometh to
Meet me soon
Why does he scream
When he steps
At the door
I thought he knew
My heads are

The moon shines
The stars glow
I walk on the beach
The sun fades
Lamps come on
I walk on the street
Waves roll
Tides sneak
I walk on the beach
People coming
Always going
I walk on the street

Rabbit bounces
Carrot trounces

Friday, June 09, 2006

Open Your Eyes And See - Wet Footprints On Cement - Closed Eyes - Hairball

Open your eyes and see
The beautiful wonders around you
Deep breathe and smell the marvelous perfumes
That sweeten the air

Wet footprints on cement
Sun out and dries
Wet footprints on cement
Parallel to our love

Closed eyes
Don't see
Closed mouths
Don't speak

Cat cough up

Saturday, June 03, 2006

This Is My Year - In Your Head I See - Lips Meet - Paint A Corner - The Ocean Is Calm

This is my year
My year to do
The things I've
Always wanted
To do
This is my year
To fulfill all my
Dreams and wishes
This is my year
For you to come
Back to me

In your head I see
In your mind I need

Lips meet
They're moist
With desire

Paint a corner
Make it red
Paint a picture
Make it blue
Paint a portrait
Of only you

The ocean is calm
The sky is blue
People are all around
They look like you