Monday, October 31, 2011

Do You Love Me - We Were Separated - My Name

Do you love me
Are you true
Do you cheer me up
When I'm blue
Are you a friend
Do you ignore me
Do you say "Hi" to me
And not throw me on the floor
Do you love me
(Or) Will you leave
And tell your friends
I'm your pet peeve
Am I your sister
Do you comfort me
No, you just say,
"Let her be"
I'm ending my (mental) life
Right here and now
Because you always say
"You look like a cow"
So here's my farewell
To you and friends
So I guess this is
My life to end
(So) Please be kind to me
And save me from dying

We were separated
Now we're together

My name
Your name
Everyone's name

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Fingers Touched Mine - She Couldn't Stand - Will I Dance

Your fingers touched mine
As we danced
We talked for a while
I think I saw you smile
My head went in a whirl
Do you see me as
A pretty girl?
My hands were sweaty (I hope you didn't mind)
I want you for my teddy (bear)
The song came to a close
Only heaven knows what
The future holds
As you said my name it was as if
No one was around; I didn't want
To come back to
The ground
For joy my heart leaped
My bones, they went weak
I wish for you
My heart to keep
Please don't break it

She couldn't stand
To lose him
So she agreed
For he knew
He was what
She needs

Will I dance
This lonely
My whole life

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

For Once In My Life - We Looked At Each Other - I Like You - I Get Scared

For once in my life
Let me get what I want
I love you so dear
I don't know what to do
You probably wouldn't want me
You probably don't care
I want you
You've broken my heart
Once, twice, or more
I can't keep on counting
I need to know
What your feelings are
Should we go for it or no
Do you love me
Do you care
I need you so much
I wish I knew
Should I try
Tell me what to do
I can't live
Without you

We looked at each other
Not knowing what
To do
He knew she knew
She wished it wasn't
They came so far
From opposite worlds
She was due
He decided to leave
Though it's him
She needs

I like you
You like me
We are as
Happy as can

I get scared
Something could happen
Between us