Friday, July 20, 2007

As Companions We Come - I Cross The Railroad

As companions we come
As companions we go
To share the full gospel of Christ
We've come to let you know
As servants of the Lord
In the world two by two
We knock on everyone's door
And wear out our shoes
We're messengers of light
To help show the way
To be ready for Him
On that most glorious day
As companions we search
As companions we find
The children of our God
Before we run out of time
We're teachers of the gospel
We tread where Christ would tread
To give the everlasting gospel
For you before you're dead
We remember our purpose
To find our lost siblings dear
For when in the next world
We'll have our families together, so near
As companions we come
And as companions we go
To share the full gospel of Christ
We're here to let you know

I cross the railroad
To get there from here
When I last left you
In your eye, a tear
The roads were dusty
(I) couldn't keep clean
Our last days, bumpy
Could not have been seen
Our ties we had
Were so severely cut
Couldn't imagine others being stronger