Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pickle Me This - Curly Q - Kitty Ditty Went Up the Hill - When I'm Near You

Pickle me this
Pickle me a riddle
Juice me that
Juice me a fiddle

Curly Q
Is sweet
She's as cute
As a marshmallow

Kitty Ditty went up the hill
Kitty Ditty had a drink to fill

When I'm near you
My heart beats
Like a drum
I can't keep still
What am I doing
Falling in love
With you?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Doors - Dizzy - Soak Through - A Button is a Button - The Wind Blows


My head
Takes a spin
With visions
Of you

Soak through
My skin
So I'll have you
In my vein

A button is a button
But a nose is not

The wind blows
My hair back
I feel beautiful
My self-esteem
No one can attack
It's wonderful to see
The creations that are
In this world over

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Box is Square - Is It A Pickle? - Have You Ever Felt Loved - I Can't Go

Box is square
Ball round
These are toys
For you I have found

Is it a pickle?
Is it a swan?
Is it your brain
That has made me gone?

Have you ever felt loved
While walking down the street
Have you ever felt hugged
Cruising the roads in your neighborhood

I can't go
You said no
I can't say
It happened today
My feet took me to you
They don't know we're through
My hands reached for your own
I never told them my seeds were sown

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Magnet - Day to Day - Day Dawns

Listening to the radio
All the songs remind me
Listening to the wind
All I can hear is your name
Listening to the voices around me
They all sound like you, pulling me in
it's been a while since we've seen
We will say hello again and I wonder
Is my vision how your memory remembers
You being a magnet, I come

Day to day
Week to week
We never took the time
For our voices to speak
Month to month
Year to year
We have lost control
Of our lives I fear

Day dawns
Morning breaks
Birds sing
Dogs bark
Moon's in sky
Mud in your eye
Sun sets
Stars shine
The end of the day
People have died