Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rex Is Gone - We Came To Earth - I Used To Be Dirt

Rex is gone
His life complete
His body is underground
Food for the worms
His spirit in heaven
Getting ready for the
Second Coming

We came to earth
Receiving a body was
Our purpose
To defeat the enemy
Is our ultimate

I used to be dirt
Then He came in
I used to feel lost
Then He touched my soul
I came to earth
Not to fall

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I Came Walking Down The Road - Can I Ever See - Come Unto Me - The Sun Goes Down

I came walking down the road
And saw a lonely man on the way(side)
I felt no need to stop so
I walked on by
As my thoughts whirled on
I noticed something in his eye
My body stopped, turned around
Asked him who he was
What he was doing there

Can I ever see
How much he loves
Can I ever hear
Those famous words
Can I ever feel
His kindness so

Come unto me
Ye shall believe
Draw near unto me
Ye shall see

The sun goes down
Over the hills
Revealing bright colors