Monday, April 24, 2006

Crime In New York - George - For the Want of Memory

My love came and went
I never knew it was here
Why didn't you tell me?
Did you not evidence it either?
We were too good for each other
Everyone told us so, but we
Didn't want to believe
Our love came and went
Was it really there all along?
Were we so blind to see?
As I look back I think I see
I see a small trail we left behind
Your love came and never went
My vision was blurred to the fact
Why did you still love me?
Why did you still hang on?
You left me stronger than you found
You left me weaker; I need your link back
Our love came, but never went
It was only the public in my mind
It was only them trying to drown us
Our strength together is now tight as
Crime in New York

Where are you going
Why are you crying
I'll cover your feet
This crowd can be so mean

For The Want Of Memory
The beach is warm
The sand is certainly smooth
The waves are picturesque
People are walking in the groove
The stores are open
So many sights to see
Population is mixed
Our lives together we weave
The sun is high in the sky
The moon also can be seen
This red rose I give to you
A token of my love I do mean
The rush of the cars
The whirl of the wind
For want of memory
My mind I do send

Monday, April 17, 2006

You Are The Gun - Tell Me

Shoot me with your love
Til I'm dead with passion
Passion that only you and I
Can understand
Passion that only you and I
Can understand
When the world goes on
When the world passes on
Before us
You are the gun
Your love is the bullet
I am the victim
You will be set free
From the judging of
Bringing me to life
Saving me in my time of despair
You are the gun
Your love is the bullet
I am the victim
Shoot me with your love

Tell Me
Tell me it's me
You want
Tell me it's me
You haunt
I'll tell you
It's you
I want
I'll tell you
It's you
I haunt

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

People Having Fun - When I think of you

I hear the roar of the ocean
See the reflection of the moon
I see a shell and pick it up
Try to listen to the ocean
I see people having fun
Several fire rings are blazing
Swimmers are swimming
The sand goes between my toes
I see a volleyball game
I see people having fun
I finally see him over there
He's walking with the guys
Do they see me I wonder
They are walking towards me
I see people having fun
They suddenly stop and look
His friends leave him
He doesn't know what to do
I run and give him a kiss
We see people are having fun

When I think of you
I get chills chills
Up and down my spine
You may have someone
Else but I can think
Think that you're mine
She can't give you all
Can't give you happiness
Happiness I can give you
Someday you will learn
We can be together
Together as a pair of two
That day you will know
How wrong you were to
Believe she was your life
One day she will hurt
Hurt you; it will be as
If she cut you with a knife
You will come to me and
Beg that I'll take you
You in my life forever
I'll take you for me
And people can try
But apart we'll be never

People laugh at me - Do I have a heart

People laugh at me
When I say that
I love you
They don't know
Or understand what's
Going on
They don't see
What you have the
Potential to be
Everyone has problems
You just have more
Than usual
I can see your frustration
Trying to show people what's
Inside trying to get out
I say I love you
For you

Do I have a heart
Do you
Someone may have mine
I really don't know
Could you find it
Could you catch it
It may be impossible
It may be simple
Once I get my heart
I'll save it
Save it for
For someone special
Someone who
Who really
Really loves me
But for now
It's kept safe
Safe with me