Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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For now, this is all I have. You can read my earlier postings, and/or check out my other blog where I'm posting my tidbits of stories I've written here at As Is and Nonedited .

Monday, July 09, 2012

She Looked Up - I Want To Be A Model - He Walked Up - She Had To Forgive - She Got Him

She looked up
Saw him standing
He motioned for
Her to come with
She wasn't sure if
She should go
Looks are deceiving
She learned from
Though now he looked
As if he had
She wouldn't know
Unless she went

I want to be a model
I want to be a star
I want to make some friends
I also want a car
I would enjoy to be a model
I would enjoy to be a star
I would enjoy to be somewhere
That would be very far
It is now time to leave
I won't say good-bye
I will just turn it
Into a gigantic "Hi"
So off I go tonight
To fall asleep in bed
I hope I won't
Ever hurt my head

He walked up
And slapped her
She stood still
And asked, "What fer?"
He said, "So"
And walked out the door
He didn't love her
No, not anymore

She had to forgive
He didn't want this
To go on
He learned to not
Take her for granted
All the time
She loved him and
Wanted him to stay

She got him
On the day
He was to be
He skipped out
Left her alone
Made her cry

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Want To Be Alone - I'm All Confused - Where - I'm All Alone - Figure Out

I want to be alone
No one to bother me
No one for me to bother
To think about myself
To read about myself

I'm all confused
All withered and worn
My life is torn

Did our
Love go
Now that
We two
Are separated

I'm all alone
In a world of my own
No one can enter
No one can leave
I have no one to care
No one to share

Figure out
Where you
Want me

Sunday, April 29, 2012

When I Went - My Life's A Mess - Love

When I went
To see you
I saw a girl
In your arms
You will never
Know the love
You could have
It's too late
For I have gone
It's too late
No one has

My life's a mess
I don't like chess
I want a Cabriolet
One where it's already paid
I want to color my hair black
It'll be very chak
I hate school
I'm also a fool
No one loves me
I want it back, the key
The key to a life
Where there's no strife
I want to leave
I want to die
I want to go
Even without a pie
In my own way I'm a rebel
I shave my hair
I don't think
Anyone would care
I need a friend
One who'll care
Someone who'll
Always be there

What does it mean
Does it mean a heart
A rose
A bond between two people
I still haven't found out
I'm sure I will
I don't know when
Maybe I'm too young
Maybe I'm too old
What does it mean
Does it mean animals
Or even a mate
I still haven't found it
It's nowhere in sight
Maybe I'll find it
Maybe by tonight
Maybe in a couple of years
What does it mean
I still haven't found out
I'm sure I will
I'm sure I will

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where Am I Going - She Ached For His Love - My Life Is A Wreck

Where am I going
Where where where
What's that in my way
What what what
How can I believe
How how how
Why am I me
Why why why

She ached for his love
She knew she couldn't
Have that love
He was thinking of
She grew more and more
Desperate as the years

My life is a wreck
Like a car crashing
A turtle
I have no direction
No emphasis
I've been drained
Of everything
Of caring
Of hating
All I want is
Music; music
That's loud and
Can take me away
Away from
Everyday things
I just have
No life
In me
I'm just a
A body that
Does things
Goes places
I'm nothing
No body
I feel like....nothing

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What Is There To You - I'm Dying - I Want To Get Out Of This Jail

What is there to you?
What is there to me?
We are lost in a world of our own
Where we can run
And we can hide
But we will always be found
I can not fathom our bodies
Of being
Being separated
If we were
We would die somehow, somewhere
Just like Romeo and Juliet

I'm dying
I'm falling
I want some help
I have my heart calling
I need someone
I need a friend
If I don't get one
My soul's gonna end
I need some love
I need some care
If there isn't anyone
I'm gonna shave my hair
Come quick
Come fast
Otherwise my life
Will have past
I'm going down the drain
I'm standing in the rain

I want to get out of this jail
I want to get up and move
I want to leave here right now because
I can't find any thing called love

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Be Gentle - What's Life - It's Been A Year Since I Last Saw You

Be gentle
I have a world to give
Be soft
I have a world to live

What's life
What's it for
I'm so lost
And confused
I can't go anywhere
I can't take anything
Why am I here

It's been a year since I last saw you
We used to be stuck with glue
Until one day
You had your way
And looked for someone new
I could never face you again
Even when I counted to ten
So now you're gone
And now there's no fun
(Now) I live in the den
I miss you
Everyday and night
I cry for you
With all my might

Sunday, March 04, 2012

There Once Was A Girl Named Becky - My Love For You Can Never End - My Head Is Light

There once was a girl named Becky
She was so hecky
Then one day
A boy came to say
May I take your hand
She said yea
And blessed were they
With children to understand

My love for you can never end
Your love to me you'll never send
I think of you day and night
And I hope with all my might
One day
One day soon
We will fall in love
Under the moon
Then I'll wish with all my heart
That we will never part
But this is only a dream
For me to see
So go away
And let me be

My head is light
But my heart is full
Full with love for you
My legs go all over
From turning weak
When I look at you
My feet turn to stone
And I can't move
I end up staring at you
I never meant to fall
Fall in love with

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Love For You - I Hate You - There Once Was

My love for you
Is unthinkable
So now you're
Gone, I don't know
What to do
How can I tell
You what I felt
When I never saw
You or heard from

I hate you
With all my might
Let's go outside
And together we'll fight
I'll punch you down
Til you're bleeding all over
You'll be crying out
For your mother
Someday you're going to learn
Not to deal with me
When I'm finished with you
Your mouth will have no teeth
Leave me be
Or you will die
For I'll punch out
Both of your eyes
I'll punch you down
Til you're bleeding all over
You'll be crying out
For your mother

There once was
Electricity between
Now there is only
Dead Silence
There once was
Passion between
Now there is only
Old Rust
When I came to you
To ask what had
Gone wrong
You said
There once was
Beauty between
Now there is only....

Monday, February 13, 2012

May I - Pop Goes The Weasel - Why Are People - Here I Am

May I
Oh, please may I
Be your bride today
Surely I
Oh yes, surely I
Will mend your shirt today

Pop goes the weasel
He's such a teasel
And a very naughty boy
He got in so much trouble
He suddenly became a bubble
And a child's (little) toy

Why are people
So cruel?
I don't understand
Is there something
They don't like?
Is it something
That someone did?
Please help me

Here I am
There you are
Our minds are
Straying too far
You say I'm jealous
I say you cheat
We both want
Each other to defeat
We fight
You hit
I say we've
Fallen in a pit

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Eyes Are Red - When There's Joy

My eyes are red
They start to swell
They're huge enough
So I can't see
I start to dream
I see puppies dancing
Kittens barking
Pink horses
Brown elephants
The alarm goes off
And I have to get up
For another day
Of school
The hours pass on
And my stomach
Tells me, Feed me!
I say be quiet and
Go to sleep
I wish I could do
The same

When there's joy
There's happiness
It's in the air
Grab it
Put it in your
You will never
Be desolate of'
This wonderful
Pass it around
To your friends
Your family
You will see
How happy you
Can always

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is Life Hard - Take Me Away - Seems Like - There Was A Girl -

Why is life hard
Why is life contentious
Why does everyone
Have to be pretentious
In my heart I know
I don't know who
Else does
There are so few
We come and go
Never finding
Never knowing
I could be asking

Take me away
Take me away
From this state of mind
Where can I go
To get away from
This state of mind

Seems like
You have
Gone and
Left me
Never to
Be seen

There was a girl
She didn't know
Who to pick
So one day
She picked Rick

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heart To Heart - Guys - Love Is - What Are We To Do? - We Go Walking

Heart to heart
We speak

But "R"
Not "4"

Love is
Never where
It ought to

What are we to do?
What are we to do?
I don't know about you
I'm going to listen
To the breezes of
The wind
The rush of the

We go walking
When the wind blows
Your hair flaps
I close my jacket
Trying to get warm
You see me struggle
With what?
My life or jacket?
We go walking
When the wind blows