Sunday, March 04, 2012

There Once Was A Girl Named Becky - My Love For You Can Never End - My Head Is Light

There once was a girl named Becky
She was so hecky
Then one day
A boy came to say
May I take your hand
She said yea
And blessed were they
With children to understand

My love for you can never end
Your love to me you'll never send
I think of you day and night
And I hope with all my might
One day
One day soon
We will fall in love
Under the moon
Then I'll wish with all my heart
That we will never part
But this is only a dream
For me to see
So go away
And let me be

My head is light
But my heart is full
Full with love for you
My legs go all over
From turning weak
When I look at you
My feet turn to stone
And I can't move
I end up staring at you
I never meant to fall
Fall in love with