Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For Once, Just Once - Hope Someone - In A Mirror

For once, just once
Let me say what I want
I hurt when you leave
But it's you that I need
I need to know where I stand
Should I go
Should I stay
Do you want me
Or out of your way
Why am I here
I ask myself
There's no love
There's no caring
On my shoulders
It's you that I'm bearing
It's time to go
I hear you say
Have a very happy
Happy day

Hope someone
Will save
My day
And show
Me the

In a mirror
I see myself
I'm tall
That day on the
Beach with him
Is all I recall
We were splendid
Had time on our side
Then one day
Our relationship died
I don't know
What happened
Why he changed his mind
I do know that
All day and night
I cried

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why'd You Go - My Last Wish - Familiar Means Knowing

Why'd you go
Why'd you leave
I need you
I need to be
You were my life
My every thing
I'm nothing now
I cry lakes
My heart's in pieces
Over the floor
All of my life
I've been waiting
You came
You left when I
Why why why
How am I to
Without you

My last wish
Would be
For someone
To truly
Love me

Familiar means knowing
Do I know you
You've been gone too long
Don't seem familiar
To me
Shake my memory
Til I hurt
I need a band-aid