Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Wanted To Be A Famous Model - Meet Me By The Way - After My Best

I wanted to be a famous model
Rich and beautiful
Men and women would turn their heads
Flock to the beauty queen
But the thought came
Be yourself, let your light
Do all you can now and
If it be the way
It will come
I wanted to be a famous writer
Books sold by the millions
Fans flocking; lights flashing
Vacation once in a while
But the thought came
Be yourself, let your light
Be all you can be now and
If it be the way
It will come
We all dream more
Than what we are
We feel of small worth
Let the thought come
Let your light shine
Do all you can
Be your best
If it be right
To you, it will come
Christ showed us the
"Come, Follow Me"
Your light will

Meet me by the way
I have something to say
Meet me by the road
Don't put me on hold

After my best
I know I can rest
After my chores
I can close a door

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Walked Down A - Everything I Need

I walked down a
Rocky path
Were Ye there?
I prayed to my Father
Next to a big rock
Were Ye there?
I sailed across
A stormy sea
Were Ye there?
Were Ye there
To feed Thy sheep
Were Ye there
Giving sight to the blind
Were Ye there
Were Ye there
I think I saw You
In my mind
I walked by the
Lame, Blind, Sick
Were Ye there?
I walked by a temple
People coming and going
Were Ye there?
I walked by a well
Was told there was Living Water
Were Ye there?
I saw two malefactors
On either side of a Man
Were Ye there?
Yes, Ye were there
Yes, through Thy lifetime
And mine
The trials, burdens, sufferings
Were for mankind
Yes, Ye were there
Giving sight to the blind
Yes, Ye were there
Making easier my climb
Ye were there
Ye were there
We shall see Thy face
In time

Everything I need
Is within You
Everything I desire
Goes from head
To shoe
I live my life to
Meet Your needs
I live my life to
Plant Your seeds
When my face is
Is there the picture of
The King
When I speak
Can I inherit
The world, am I
The days go by
Sometimes forgetting
I am a kin of Thee
But as the days go by
I remember I'm here
To feed Thy sheep

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Two Men Walking - Come Unto Him - Can I Go To The Sea

Two men walking
One woman jumping
Why are they?
Tell me so
Two men climbing
One woman
Catch her now
Tell her so
Two men
One woman crawling
Why be it?
Tell him so
Two men
One woman

Come unto Him
Draw near
Go to Him
Do not fear
He can save
He can cleanse
He can comfort
He's your friend

Can I go to the sea
Can I go to the shore
Can I let you know
I love you more

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Saw Boulders In My Path - What Are We - Coming To See

I saw boulders in my path
I thought I couldn't hurdle
I asked the Lord, "Lord,
Why must these be?"
The answer came,
"I need you strong as Me"
I saw thorns in my way
They seemed too hard to rid
I asked the Lord, "Lord,
Why must these be?"
The reply came,
"I need you humble as Me"
I saw sheep crossing the road
It seemed to take forever
I asked the Lord, "Lord,
Why must these be?"
The Voice came,
"I need you patient as Me"
As I go through life
Seeking the Lord all days
He asked me now and then,
"Why must these be?"
The answer would come
"To prepare for the time
I'll be a God as Thee"

What are we
Doing to show
Our love for
Are we doing
What's been asked
With all our
What more
Can we do
To show we
To stay worthy
Of the
Holy Ghost to
Never leave
Are we showing
Our friends how
Much this gospel

Coming to see
Going to be

Friday, May 30, 2008

When You Get Discouraged - I Feel Weak In The Sinews - We Gather Together

When you get discouraged
And feel about to lose
Think of the two masters
Which are you going to choose
When the water seems high
And feel about to drown
Think of the Saviour and
The love under His crown
When sadness comes upon you
The world seems dark and gloom
It's the wrong master
Send him to his doom
So feel happy and bright
From now on and each day
The Saviour will guide you
And forever show you the way

I feel weak in the sinews
Whenever I get around you
You sparked my heart
Gave it a brand new start
When you came my

We gather together
To feel the spirit of
The Lord
We gather as friends
We made; The spirit of
We meet together today
To renew our might
And zeal
The wounds we may
Have had; Our Christ
To heal

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Live In A World - When Do Monkeys - Pencil Wants Pen - She Searched

We live in a world
With turmoil and confusion
There are those looking
For a seal tight solution
We're called to preach
The gospel of Christ Jesus
There are those searching
Look, it's hard to miss us
We're on call 24 hours
To bring light into lives
For there are those wandering
Making nose-end dives
Into the after world

When do monkeys
When the sun comes
Is it really

Pencil wants pen
Pen wants eraser
Eraser wants pencil

She searched
She found
She saw
She cried
Til the lights
Went out

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Christmas Comes But Once A Year - We Feel Lonely - It's Cold Outside Can You See The Snow

Christmas comes but once a year
For all adults, girls and boys
With gifts from family and friends
A lot of them made of toys
Yes, Christmas comes but once a year
And so they say
To brighten us on our merry way
Have good cheer and a joyous day
But also remember the meaning
Of this much celebrated season
For without the life of Christ
There wouldn't be much reason
To have gentler hearts and willing hands
To help our neighbors, far or near
To spread Christ's love and
Fill the world with cheer
And so I say yet again
Tho Christmas comes but once a year
Keep the Spirit that makes the season
For without the life of Christ
There wouldn't be a reason

We feel lonely
We feel lost
Satan tries to get
Us at every cost

It's cold outside Can you see the snow
It's cold outside My body is about froze
Outside the temp is low The land is glistening
Outside the temp is low The wind is whistling

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pick A Picture - Paint A Picture - I Hold Your Hand

Pick a picture
How does it look
Rate a statue
Does it cook
Flip a coin
Which side is
Toss a salad
Leave out the fish
Drown a crown
Make it gold
Open the fridge
Covered in mold
Run a mile
In brand new shoes
I'll tell you know
Watch for that Pooh
This here poem is
Just to say
Pick a picture
To you, O-Tay!

Paint a picture
Make it glue
Paint a rose
Make it blue

I hold your hand
Firm, snug, tight
Our fingers intertwined together
I know I'll be all right

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wind Blows - When I Look Back - Beach Is Sand - Rats Go Crazy - Why Go

The wind blows
In the air
Feel the freshness
Against my skin
A new day is dawning
Can you hear it coming
Wanting to stay and play

When I look back
And see the sorrows
I caused Him
I wonder to myself
Why did He die for

Beach is sand
Window is glass
Light is energy
A race won is best
What is beauty
Looking through your eyes
What are you working for
What is your prize?

Rats go crazy
I wane your way

Why go
Why stay
I don't know
I'm in frays

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Lord Is My Shepherd - I Didn't Want To End Up Like This - Pick A Dilly Goozle - Rabbit Bounces - Erring To Be

The Lord is my Shepherd
He said, "Come, Follow Me"
The Lord is my Saviour
He died to make me free
The Lord is my Brother
I open my eyes and see
The grave has no power
He died and has the key
My heart is full of love
For His pain, for me
I serve not for myself, but for He
The Lord is my Shepherd
He said, "Come, Follow Me"

I didn't want to end up like this
All I felt I really wanted was your kiss
I didn't know I would be hit so hard
I found out you want no part
I would've swam the great oceans
Climbed all mountains to sea
Ran from coast to coast of all countries
Would these be better than potion?

Pick a dilly goozle
Pick a dilly gnaws
Rain a parade on the only
Main street

Rabbit bounces
Carrot trounces

Erring to be
Human to err

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why Oh Why - When We Draw Apart - Can A Man Go To The End

Why oh why
Does that little man
Does he have any friends
Does he have any kin
Why oh why
Does that little man
That sits under the
He has no shade
Doesn't know the way
So, why oh why
Does that little man
He's all alone
He has no home

When we draw apart
I don't know what
To do
When we go our
Separate ways
Who is it really
That pays
We were put together
To see each other
What would I do
If I didn't have

Can a man go to the end
Of the world
Can a blind man see the
Colors of wind
Can a rich and ripe grape
Turn into a fig
Yes, they can for so you see
All things are possible
When we have faith in Thee