Sunday, April 29, 2012

When I Went - My Life's A Mess - Love

When I went
To see you
I saw a girl
In your arms
You will never
Know the love
You could have
It's too late
For I have gone
It's too late
No one has

My life's a mess
I don't like chess
I want a Cabriolet
One where it's already paid
I want to color my hair black
It'll be very chak
I hate school
I'm also a fool
No one loves me
I want it back, the key
The key to a life
Where there's no strife
I want to leave
I want to die
I want to go
Even without a pie
In my own way I'm a rebel
I shave my hair
I don't think
Anyone would care
I need a friend
One who'll care
Someone who'll
Always be there

What does it mean
Does it mean a heart
A rose
A bond between two people
I still haven't found out
I'm sure I will
I don't know when
Maybe I'm too young
Maybe I'm too old
What does it mean
Does it mean animals
Or even a mate
I still haven't found it
It's nowhere in sight
Maybe I'll find it
Maybe by tonight
Maybe in a couple of years
What does it mean
I still haven't found out
I'm sure I will
I'm sure I will

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where Am I Going - She Ached For His Love - My Life Is A Wreck

Where am I going
Where where where
What's that in my way
What what what
How can I believe
How how how
Why am I me
Why why why

She ached for his love
She knew she couldn't
Have that love
He was thinking of
She grew more and more
Desperate as the years

My life is a wreck
Like a car crashing
A turtle
I have no direction
No emphasis
I've been drained
Of everything
Of caring
Of hating
All I want is
Music; music
That's loud and
Can take me away
Away from
Everyday things
I just have
No life
In me
I'm just a
A body that
Does things
Goes places
I'm nothing
No body
I feel like....nothing

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What Is There To You - I'm Dying - I Want To Get Out Of This Jail

What is there to you?
What is there to me?
We are lost in a world of our own
Where we can run
And we can hide
But we will always be found
I can not fathom our bodies
Of being
Being separated
If we were
We would die somehow, somewhere
Just like Romeo and Juliet

I'm dying
I'm falling
I want some help
I have my heart calling
I need someone
I need a friend
If I don't get one
My soul's gonna end
I need some love
I need some care
If there isn't anyone
I'm gonna shave my hair
Come quick
Come fast
Otherwise my life
Will have past
I'm going down the drain
I'm standing in the rain

I want to get out of this jail
I want to get up and move
I want to leave here right now because
I can't find any thing called love