Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What Is There To You - I'm Dying - I Want To Get Out Of This Jail

What is there to you?
What is there to me?
We are lost in a world of our own
Where we can run
And we can hide
But we will always be found
I can not fathom our bodies
Of being
Being separated
If we were
We would die somehow, somewhere
Just like Romeo and Juliet

I'm dying
I'm falling
I want some help
I have my heart calling
I need someone
I need a friend
If I don't get one
My soul's gonna end
I need some love
I need some care
If there isn't anyone
I'm gonna shave my hair
Come quick
Come fast
Otherwise my life
Will have past
I'm going down the drain
I'm standing in the rain

I want to get out of this jail
I want to get up and move
I want to leave here right now because
I can't find any thing called love