Friday, August 18, 2006

Make A Star - I'm Tired

Make a star
See it splash
Make a moon
Call it crash
Whatever it may be
Wherever it may go
It is for you
And for you to know
It will run
It will climb
It can do anything
In it's own mind
It will run away
It will come back
It will ask you
To have his back to scratch
It is now gone
It will always be
It is in my mind
For only me to see

I'm tired
I can't go to sleep
I watch the moon glow
On my wall
It creeps
Slowly like it
Doesn't want to be
It makes images
A star
A sun
Even a leaf
But that leaf
Just that one
Is very special
It's magic
Touch it
It's out of reach
It's gone
Try again
And again
It's gone and now
You see a
Now you see a
Moon glow just as before
It stayed the same
It's only now in a different
In a different place
It was
Only a dream