Friday, January 19, 2007

Pick Me - When See Ye Me - See The Seashell - Pack It In - How Long Will I Wait For You

Pick me
Here I go
Let's get together
Don't be slow

When see ye me
Fighting over you
It's a waste of time
Lasts long as the dew
When see ye me
Rolling in the snow
Never get me out
Better get a tow

See the seashell
Climb the wall
See the seashell
Try to grow tall

Pack it in
Let it out
Die tonight
Don't shout

How long will I wait for you
I will die without
You can see my torture
What will you do

Friday, January 12, 2007

Who Is That Lady - For You To Go

Who is that lady
Crossing the road
Where did she
Come from
What's in her load
Who is that lady
Walking the path
She looks like she'll have
All the Father hath
Who is that lady
Struggling to be free
How much of her
Lives inside of me
I see that lady now
In the elect that
Have passed
The trials and smooth rides
Will one day be unmasked
I see that lady now
In you and me and all
Please keep struggling and growing
I don't want you
To fall
Who is that lady
What's in her load
She's on her journey to Father
She's on her way home

For you to go
I won't say
My horse died
It was yesterday
The fish turned yellow
The leaves turned green