Thursday, October 15, 2009

When We Touch - Come In Out Of The Rain

When we touch
My skin tingles
Can you feel it
When my heart wriggles
It's one month now
My love for you grows endless
Can you see when apart
My mind goes senseless

Come in out of the rain
I know you hurt me
To see you this way
Causes me more pain
There may be a little
Spark left
One day at a time
Is all we can do
At the end it may end
That you're mine
You ask,
"Can we try again?"
It's up to you
Will I end up hurt
Or is my heart on the mend
We'll see
There may be a little
Spark left
One day at a time
Is all we can do

Sunday, August 02, 2009

I Saw Her The Other Day - I Walked On My Way - This Diamond Ring - Why Are We Parting

I saw her the other day
The other woman
I'd be lieing if I said
You didn't have good taste
I don't like playing
Second fiddle to ya babe
Let me go if you're
Through with me
Why live like this
You're shortchanging us
I need someone new
For me you're through
I don't like playing
Second fiddle to ya babe
Let me go if you're
Oh, let me go if you're
Through with me

I walked on my way
We had nothing to say
I caught him cheating and lieing
My heart started dieing

This diamond ring
On my finger from
It can sing
Your heart drum

Why are we parting
Didn't you know this love
Comes only once in a lifetime

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Came With My Man - The Room Was Dark - The World As One- Don't Fall

I came with my man
You came with your woman
When will this invisible war

The room was dark
No one was to be seen
An eerie feeling was felt
Come near; shake; turn green

The world as one
Someday we'll be
At that time
Our worship for Thee
Knees bowed
Tongues speak
To inherit the earth
Become humble and meek
Once, being blind and deaf
Now we shall see and hear
When we shall meet
My eye, a tear
My Saviour, my Lord, my King!

Don't fall
I'm here by
Your side

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Years Have Gone By - The Ocean Is Deep - Here We Go

Years have gone by
We haven't talked for
Months flew by our heads
We haven't spoken for
Weeks ran by our feet
We haven't listened for
Days, days we never knew
We were too busy for

The ocean is deep
The sea is wide
My love for you
I cannot hide
The mountains are high
The valleys are low
This love I have
For you I want to show
As poor as a bum
As rich as Midas
The knot we see
Let's together tie us
The ocean deep
The mountain high
To seventh heaven
Let us fly

Here we go
A - marching
Two by two
Until the numbers
Who haven't heard
Are few

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hot - Sense Cents Sense - Why The Sky Is Blue - We Were On Our Way - Cold Chills Running Down My Back

Scorching heat
Makes red feet

Sense cents sense
Home hum home
Does your sense
Make nicely cents?

Why the sky is blue
Has been a question
For generations of
Past and will be
Of the present future

We were on our way
Walking down the street
I hurried on by
I was told you were scary to meet

Cold chills running down my back
You are my savior for the things
I lack
Hot sweat falling down my face
The scent left behind I will trace

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In This Dark Room I Learn - I Know My Redeemer Lives - Can You See Me In Your

In this dark room I learn
In this room I hear
In room I see
Learning what I learn
Hearing what I hear
Seeing what I see
I am my mind
I am my expression
I am my rhythm
Minding my mindless mind
Expressing my expressionless face
Rhyming my rhythmic life
I die

I know my Redeemer lives
All the love He gives
Will I be able to repay
See His face at the last day
He died for me
So that I could see
He went through pain
For the Celestial glory I can gain
I know my Redeemer lives

Can you see me in your
Dreams are spoken so
Well I have to go
Can you see me in your
Mind there are cobwebs
Dust them away and tell me
Can you see me in you?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Friend From Above - White Wall

My friend from above
I will find you
Friendship turned to love
Days may go by
Weeks, months, even years
When last parted
Our eyes filled with tears
But with the knowledge
Of seeing each other again
We promised to stay pure
God's words we would find and tend
My friend from above
Someday I'll find you
To enter the highest kingdom
It's been revealed to be in two's
I will find the strength
But so must you
To seek and find
Til we are as one
When we meet
Happy joy will be our day
But for now
We need to keep the faith
My friend from above
Hopefully soon I'll find you
Our eyes will meet
Our love to be renewed
My friend from above

White wall
Black face
My message to you
Will be easy to trace
Yellow footprints
Blue rain
My love so strong
For you to gain
Play no games
White wall
Black face
I'm real for you
Not one of those fakes
The music rings
In my ear
Ask you my life to dance
What is that? A tear?
White wall
Black face
Some extra time
For us I'll take

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My World Went Blank - We Saw An Old Man Walking - Is It True

My world went blank
My tongue was in (my) cheek
For you, my friend
The smell from words
Told me you reeked
When will you learn
We want someone true
The majority spies over
Our men, number a few
The eleventh hour comes
Much too fast it comes
A torch in your hand
To burn our homes
When the twelfth hour strikes
War will break
King you may be now
Twelfth hour, you our footstool to make
Turn 'round, face your face
We do every waking day
Turn 'round and face your face
Do you really want to pay?

We saw an old man walking
We stopped to ask what he
Was doing out here all alone
He said he was looking for
The wayside after his
Wife had died
We told him to follow behind
We could him help
He struggled not to cry
Wondered for two
Young people to care
Said we wanted
Him as much as
He needs us

Is it true
He waited

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rex Is Gone - We Came To Earth - I Used To Be Dirt

Rex is gone
His life complete
His body is underground
Food for the worms
His spirit in heaven
Getting ready for the
Second Coming

We came to earth
Receiving a body was
Our purpose
To defeat the enemy
Is our ultimate

I used to be dirt
Then He came in
I used to feel lost
Then He touched my soul
I came to earth
Not to fall

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I Came Walking Down The Road - Can I Ever See - Come Unto Me - The Sun Goes Down

I came walking down the road
And saw a lonely man on the way(side)
I felt no need to stop so
I walked on by
As my thoughts whirled on
I noticed something in his eye
My body stopped, turned around
Asked him who he was
What he was doing there

Can I ever see
How much he loves
Can I ever hear
Those famous words
Can I ever feel
His kindness so

Come unto me
Ye shall believe
Draw near unto me
Ye shall see

The sun goes down
Over the hills
Revealing bright colors

Friday, February 06, 2009

Come and See - I Went Walking One Day. I Went Jogging One Day - Sun Shines In The

Come and see
Said the lamb
I wanted him to come
So I ran
He tells stories
Of mustard seeds
And more
Where all the people gather
To listen down by
The shore
He offers us wisdom
Hope and love
He shows us peace
Truth and the sign
Of the dove
He's about His Father's
Business reaching all the
That would carry His
Message; Make perfection
Their goal
Come and see
Said the lamb
He tells stories
Of mustard seeds
And more
This message He has
Goes to the people
Of the world
That's who it's

I went walking one day. I went jogging one day.
I went running one day. I went skipping one day.
I went hopping one day.
I went doodling one day. I went drawing one day.
I went painting one day.
I went spelling one day. I went reading one day.
I went writing one day. I went selling one day.
I went slow one day. I stopped moving one day.
I died that day.

Sun shines in the
Reflections of you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've Been Set Apart - Walk Forward - When Will I Go Home

I've been set apart
As a missionary
Never seeing my family
For eighteen months
Was I ready to come
To serve the Lord
I see the testimonies
Strong, I want to hide
I know I mustn't for
There are those depending
I question myself asking
"Am I fake? Do I
Belong amongst these nobles?"
I was told He was pleased
Before leaving my kin
I doubt, but why?
Am I that much closed?
My love for the Saviour
I confess is strong
For what He did to let
Me live! He lives!
How shall I repay?

Walk forward
Look behind
(I) see footprints
In the sand

When will I go home
Will I go when He says, "Come"
When will my mission end
Will I be ready when for me
He will send
When will I see my family
Will I be prepared when they say
"Come - together we'll be"