Friday, May 30, 2008

When You Get Discouraged - I Feel Weak In The Sinews - We Gather Together

When you get discouraged
And feel about to lose
Think of the two masters
Which are you going to choose
When the water seems high
And feel about to drown
Think of the Saviour and
The love under His crown
When sadness comes upon you
The world seems dark and gloom
It's the wrong master
Send him to his doom
So feel happy and bright
From now on and each day
The Saviour will guide you
And forever show you the way

I feel weak in the sinews
Whenever I get around you
You sparked my heart
Gave it a brand new start
When you came my

We gather together
To feel the spirit of
The Lord
We gather as friends
We made; The spirit of
We meet together today
To renew our might
And zeal
The wounds we may
Have had; Our Christ
To heal

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We Live In A World - When Do Monkeys - Pencil Wants Pen - She Searched

We live in a world
With turmoil and confusion
There are those looking
For a seal tight solution
We're called to preach
The gospel of Christ Jesus
There are those searching
Look, it's hard to miss us
We're on call 24 hours
To bring light into lives
For there are those wandering
Making nose-end dives
Into the after world

When do monkeys
When the sun comes
Is it really

Pencil wants pen
Pen wants eraser
Eraser wants pencil

She searched
She found
She saw
She cried
Til the lights
Went out

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Christmas Comes But Once A Year - We Feel Lonely - It's Cold Outside Can You See The Snow

Christmas comes but once a year
For all adults, girls and boys
With gifts from family and friends
A lot of them made of toys
Yes, Christmas comes but once a year
And so they say
To brighten us on our merry way
Have good cheer and a joyous day
But also remember the meaning
Of this much celebrated season
For without the life of Christ
There wouldn't be much reason
To have gentler hearts and willing hands
To help our neighbors, far or near
To spread Christ's love and
Fill the world with cheer
And so I say yet again
Tho Christmas comes but once a year
Keep the Spirit that makes the season
For without the life of Christ
There wouldn't be a reason

We feel lonely
We feel lost
Satan tries to get
Us at every cost

It's cold outside Can you see the snow
It's cold outside My body is about froze
Outside the temp is low The land is glistening
Outside the temp is low The wind is whistling