Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Couldn't You - Washing Clothes

Why couldn't you
2 years younger
Been born
2 years later
I'm here in my
Why did I
Have to see
You and get struck
I never have good luck
Who are you
Thinking of
Is she pretty
As a dove
Did you have to
Look as good
How many girls
Are by your side
How many hearts
Do you have
How many hearts
Do you break
When you look
At me
You probably don't
Have a double take
Why am I
Such a fool
To die for
Guys like you
When is my heart
Not to be broke
You have no idea
It's you it took
I need to get
Over you
And another
I need someone
Who can keep
My heart
I need to hurry
Before I go
To tears

Washing clothes
I see you in the water
You smile then fade
Washing clothes