Monday, July 09, 2012

She Looked Up - I Want To Be A Model - He Walked Up - She Had To Forgive - She Got Him

She looked up
Saw him standing
He motioned for
Her to come with
She wasn't sure if
She should go
Looks are deceiving
She learned from
Though now he looked
As if he had
She wouldn't know
Unless she went

I want to be a model
I want to be a star
I want to make some friends
I also want a car
I would enjoy to be a model
I would enjoy to be a star
I would enjoy to be somewhere
That would be very far
It is now time to leave
I won't say good-bye
I will just turn it
Into a gigantic "Hi"
So off I go tonight
To fall asleep in bed
I hope I won't
Ever hurt my head

He walked up
And slapped her
She stood still
And asked, "What fer?"
He said, "So"
And walked out the door
He didn't love her
No, not anymore

She had to forgive
He didn't want this
To go on
He learned to not
Take her for granted
All the time
She loved him and
Wanted him to stay

She got him
On the day
He was to be
He skipped out
Left her alone
Made her cry