Friday, December 29, 2006

Can We Go - My Feelings All These Years - He Came To Die - Hello! My Name Is

Can we go
To our Lord
When we do our best
And yet still seem to fail
How much do
We try before
We can fail
Can we win
By not going
All the way

My feelings all these years
Swell up inside
Be careful and watch out
There's a leak leaking and
The dam will break

He came to die
So I can live
He came to reign
As my Saviour, my King

Hello! My name is...... is seen all around
Do we need to know their name
Would they tell us if we asked
What's in a name besides identity

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Day After - We Once Walked Together - Weary For Your Love - Dried Flowers - I Flew To Your Home

The Day After
Whether the weather
Were not so hot
People would still
Be getting caught
Whether the storm
Were not so rough
People would still
Act so tough

We once walked together
We once talked together
On the beach
Troubles roaming in your head
You seemed so out of reach

Weary for your love
I've tried all
Your name and number
I don't bother to call

Dried flowers
Remind me

I flew to your home
It was 3 blocks away
I drove to your home
It was in another state

Monday, November 27, 2006

Walking Along The Shore - White As The Falling Snow - At Times Like These - When I Look In Your Eyes

Walking along the shore
Treading in the water
I think of you and wonder
What will be

White as the falling snow
Clean as the water in Spring
Someday these will be my gifts
To my Lord and Saviour bring

At times like these
I want to run away
What will you think
Seeing me will you stray?
At times like these
I wonder who I am
Can I keep going
Can I break these walls?
How can I be fun instead of boring
I know I will be helped
To keep my strength up
You'll be there at a moment's notice
You'll be there to fill my cup

When I look in your eyes
I see
When I hear your voice
I hear

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life After Love

Life after love is
Inconceivable right
Life after love is
Uncontrollable for
We parted not knowing
We parted leaving me with
Tears in my
A voice inside says
Be strong
A voice inside says
The night won't be
Life after love is
Inconceivable for
Life after love is
Uncontrollable right
We parted not knowing
Tears in my
We parted leaving me with
Not knowing
Inside a voice says
The night won't be
Inside the voice says
For me to be

Friday, November 10, 2006

Only You Understand - Laundry - Empty Feelings - Only You My Friend - A Friend Is Someone

Only you understand
Only you know I can
It was you I ran to
It was you I clang to

Switch to dryer

Empty feelings
You put me to the trash
I wanted to keep them
Clung to them
You said no
Why do you need feelings

Only you my friend
Makes me feel like this
It all starts with
A simple and loving kiss

A friend is someone
Cares and bears
The pain along

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hairball - I Came - I Still Need You - Four Arrows - It Is Your Light

Cat cough up

I came
I saw
I left

I still need you
In my arms
To touch
I still need you

Four arrows
Pointing different
Which to take?
They all look ominous
But inviting at the
Same time

It is your light
That I find bright
That I gather to
It is your peace

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Love Is A Waste Of Time - Dad - A Watched Clock - Wet Mountain

Love is a waste of time
Love will never be mine
I can't find love
Love can't find me
I guess love is something
That I don't need

Where are you
How are you
I've been crying
Crying to sleep so I don't

A watched clock
Doesn't tick
A watched pot
Doesn't boil

Wet mountain
Dry cement

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Broken Wings - What To Do When It's Wet - Speak

Broken wings
Never thought to
Without looking
You ran with wings
To steal
Came back
My life has life

What to do when it's wet
Why do you always play hard
To get
I curled up in a ball like a kitten
Trying to keep warm
Wanting your
Memories pass my mind like
A train that lost time
Watch out for that
Remember our first meeting
Raining that day also
I looked as if I had
A beating
Shoulda been a warning to my heart
If only had I known then
What I know now I
Wouldn't have started
What to do when it's wet
Why do you always play hard
To get

Open mouth
Close mouth
I need more (of)
You're splitting my

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Today - Here Comes The Sun - Wish I Didn't Have - Heidi Ho

We go
We stay
Today is the day
Our night turns
To day
Last night
Had run
Last night
Didn't want day
To come

Here comes the sun
To shine it's rays
Warm us from the inside
And show us the way

Wish I didn't have
This to think about
Wish I didn't have
This to worry about
Wish, wish, wish
Help me to understand
Help me to stay strong
Help me to help you

Way to go
Won't you stay

Friday, September 22, 2006

Invisible Door - Profile So Fine - I See Your Face In My Dreams

At times I wonder
Can you see the forest, or
Are there too many trees
Are my dreams out of reason
Are they past their season
All I wanted was to be
What was it I wanted?
All I wanted was to be
Be with you
If I captured you
Would you have your freedom
I thought I had captured you
But you only flew away
Did I see your personage
Standing in front of me
The other day?
No is all you said.
But, of course. How could I be so deranged?
Will you ever be able to see
Past your invisible door?

Profile so fine
Body in a straight
Spirit so sweet
You've become one
Gentle, kind, and loving
You're a giant to me
Strong testimony felt
My heart ends up
Made possible through the Son
In the gospel to be

I see your face in my dreams
You're smiling, it always seems
I'm smiling also, but not for long
Can you tell me what has gone wrong
We used to be friends turned into lovers
Always hiding underneath the covers

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Burden of Pain - Chocolate And Vanilla - Run Away From Me And

Why must it be thus?
My thoughts--I can not trust
If only I hadn't experienced your kiss
I could handle you to miss
It's late, I mustn't do it
I've lost a dear friend because of it
My emotions swirl around
Can you tell which is up
And which is down?
(No need to tell, I already know)
Why does the urge have to be so strong?
I can go without for time periods long
This roller coaster ride has been long and weary
At times when I start to think
See my eyes? They become teary
My heart will always
Have a place for you
This ain't no lie for I
Must say I tell the truth
Our friendship I have held dear
Longing to see you, for you to be near
But to give in there wouldn't
Be much to gain
Except for the unneeded
Burden of pain

Chocolate and Vanilla
Chocolate kisses on vanilla skin
Goosebumps rise to the occassion
I close my eyes and feel
The tingles that run through my body
Heart beating and pulsing
Can you feel it in symphony

Run away from me and
I'll hunt you down
Walk away from me and
I'll tear you up
Live this crazy life with me
We are no longer separate
But one

Monday, September 11, 2006

There She Goes - This Is My Life - The Time Has Come To Be Joined As One

There she goes
Roller coasting our lives
Here she comes
Making a detour of me
"What do you want of me?"
They both ask of each other
"Where am I?"
They both want to know
Can she live without him?
Yes, she can she tells herself
Does she want to live without?
No, of course not!
How will they survive?
Time will tell
Is all that can be said

This is my life
Is that yours?
I came all that distance
And you weren't there
I came to see you live
But your face was blank
This is me in person
Is that your person?
My emotions are shot
I want no more games

The time has come to be joined as one
We are no more to be as separate individuals
So tight that we are superglued together
But there are times that glue isn't so super
I'm lost and confused as to what to do
We are so opposite we're the same
We are so the same that we're opposite
What is there for me to say?
What is there for me to keep silent?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Make A Star - I'm Tired

Make a star
See it splash
Make a moon
Call it crash
Whatever it may be
Wherever it may go
It is for you
And for you to know
It will run
It will climb
It can do anything
In it's own mind
It will run away
It will come back
It will ask you
To have his back to scratch
It is now gone
It will always be
It is in my mind
For only me to see

I'm tired
I can't go to sleep
I watch the moon glow
On my wall
It creeps
Slowly like it
Doesn't want to be
It makes images
A star
A sun
Even a leaf
But that leaf
Just that one
Is very special
It's magic
Touch it
It's out of reach
It's gone
Try again
And again
It's gone and now
You see a
Now you see a
Moon glow just as before
It stayed the same
It's only now in a different
In a different place
It was
Only a dream

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Day Dawned - Kiss Me With Your Soft Lips - Sometimes I Do What's Right - My Love For The Saviour

The day dawned
The morning broke
It was you that I
I almost forsook

Kiss me with your soft lips
Bait me with your tongue
Desire grows with each passing moment
Can't get enough of you

Sometimes I do what's right
Sometimes I do what's wrong

My love for the Saviour
Is one that can't be undone
I want to see His face
And know the race, I won

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Love - I'm Here Awake - In The Light Of Day - You Were There - My Baby

My love
Was strong
But now
You're gone

I'm here awake
With nothing to do
In twelve hours
It'll be almost noon
I hope I'm about
To fall asleep soon
My eyes are hurting
They need to be closed

In the light of day
There is nothing to say

You were there
Waiting for me
How could I have known

My baby
Went to town
Leaving me
On my own

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tis The Season For Jolly - One Hour, Two Hour - We Are God's Children - Green Is See Thru - Cry Into My Face

Tis the season for jolly
But don't end up with the colic

One hour, two hour
Time passes on

We are God's children
He has not left us
We are God's offspring
He has not abandoned us
If there be a space
It is our doing
If there be a divide

Green is see thru
Your face is too

Cry into my face
Wipe the tears off your
Blow a horn is what I
For tomorrow is a new

Friday, June 30, 2006

Petina - I've Had A Few Too Many - So There They Were

Where do you go
Why are you black and blue
Petina, oh, Petina
I wish you true
Love will come your
Why do you cry
Why is your fever high
Petina, oh, Petina
I wish you true
Love will come
Know your work needs
Know your soul needs
Petina, oh, Petina
True love will come
Love will come
Hang on

I've had a few too many
Glances at you to stay
Going crazy after
Having a few too many

So there they were
Sitting on a bench
They hadn't seen each other
For several years
Their hands were entwined
Together like rope
They were nervous
Too much for either to
That's all right
For they finally
Had each other

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Change - How Does It Be - The Moon Shines - Rabbit Bounces

If you could see me now
You would be amazed at the
If you could see how
You lifted me up when
If you could only see
For a minute
For a second
You would see you mean
The world to me

How does it be
A goon
He cometh to
Meet me soon
Why does he scream
When he steps
At the door
I thought he knew
My heads are

The moon shines
The stars glow
I walk on the beach
The sun fades
Lamps come on
I walk on the street
Waves roll
Tides sneak
I walk on the beach
People coming
Always going
I walk on the street

Rabbit bounces
Carrot trounces

Friday, June 09, 2006

Open Your Eyes And See - Wet Footprints On Cement - Closed Eyes - Hairball

Open your eyes and see
The beautiful wonders around you
Deep breathe and smell the marvelous perfumes
That sweeten the air

Wet footprints on cement
Sun out and dries
Wet footprints on cement
Parallel to our love

Closed eyes
Don't see
Closed mouths
Don't speak

Cat cough up

Saturday, June 03, 2006

This Is My Year - In Your Head I See - Lips Meet - Paint A Corner - The Ocean Is Calm

This is my year
My year to do
The things I've
Always wanted
To do
This is my year
To fulfill all my
Dreams and wishes
This is my year
For you to come
Back to me

In your head I see
In your mind I need

Lips meet
They're moist
With desire

Paint a corner
Make it red
Paint a picture
Make it blue
Paint a portrait
Of only you

The ocean is calm
The sky is blue
People are all around
They look like you

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pickle Me This - Curly Q - Kitty Ditty Went Up the Hill - When I'm Near You

Pickle me this
Pickle me a riddle
Juice me that
Juice me a fiddle

Curly Q
Is sweet
She's as cute
As a marshmallow

Kitty Ditty went up the hill
Kitty Ditty had a drink to fill

When I'm near you
My heart beats
Like a drum
I can't keep still
What am I doing
Falling in love
With you?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Doors - Dizzy - Soak Through - A Button is a Button - The Wind Blows


My head
Takes a spin
With visions
Of you

Soak through
My skin
So I'll have you
In my vein

A button is a button
But a nose is not

The wind blows
My hair back
I feel beautiful
My self-esteem
No one can attack
It's wonderful to see
The creations that are
In this world over

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Box is Square - Is It A Pickle? - Have You Ever Felt Loved - I Can't Go

Box is square
Ball round
These are toys
For you I have found

Is it a pickle?
Is it a swan?
Is it your brain
That has made me gone?

Have you ever felt loved
While walking down the street
Have you ever felt hugged
Cruising the roads in your neighborhood

I can't go
You said no
I can't say
It happened today
My feet took me to you
They don't know we're through
My hands reached for your own
I never told them my seeds were sown

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Magnet - Day to Day - Day Dawns

Listening to the radio
All the songs remind me
Listening to the wind
All I can hear is your name
Listening to the voices around me
They all sound like you, pulling me in
it's been a while since we've seen
We will say hello again and I wonder
Is my vision how your memory remembers
You being a magnet, I come

Day to day
Week to week
We never took the time
For our voices to speak
Month to month
Year to year
We have lost control
Of our lives I fear

Day dawns
Morning breaks
Birds sing
Dogs bark
Moon's in sky
Mud in your eye
Sun sets
Stars shine
The end of the day
People have died

Monday, April 24, 2006

Crime In New York - George - For the Want of Memory

My love came and went
I never knew it was here
Why didn't you tell me?
Did you not evidence it either?
We were too good for each other
Everyone told us so, but we
Didn't want to believe
Our love came and went
Was it really there all along?
Were we so blind to see?
As I look back I think I see
I see a small trail we left behind
Your love came and never went
My vision was blurred to the fact
Why did you still love me?
Why did you still hang on?
You left me stronger than you found
You left me weaker; I need your link back
Our love came, but never went
It was only the public in my mind
It was only them trying to drown us
Our strength together is now tight as
Crime in New York

Where are you going
Why are you crying
I'll cover your feet
This crowd can be so mean

For The Want Of Memory
The beach is warm
The sand is certainly smooth
The waves are picturesque
People are walking in the groove
The stores are open
So many sights to see
Population is mixed
Our lives together we weave
The sun is high in the sky
The moon also can be seen
This red rose I give to you
A token of my love I do mean
The rush of the cars
The whirl of the wind
For want of memory
My mind I do send

Monday, April 17, 2006

You Are The Gun - Tell Me

Shoot me with your love
Til I'm dead with passion
Passion that only you and I
Can understand
Passion that only you and I
Can understand
When the world goes on
When the world passes on
Before us
You are the gun
Your love is the bullet
I am the victim
You will be set free
From the judging of
Bringing me to life
Saving me in my time of despair
You are the gun
Your love is the bullet
I am the victim
Shoot me with your love

Tell Me
Tell me it's me
You want
Tell me it's me
You haunt
I'll tell you
It's you
I want
I'll tell you
It's you
I haunt

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

People Having Fun - When I think of you

I hear the roar of the ocean
See the reflection of the moon
I see a shell and pick it up
Try to listen to the ocean
I see people having fun
Several fire rings are blazing
Swimmers are swimming
The sand goes between my toes
I see a volleyball game
I see people having fun
I finally see him over there
He's walking with the guys
Do they see me I wonder
They are walking towards me
I see people having fun
They suddenly stop and look
His friends leave him
He doesn't know what to do
I run and give him a kiss
We see people are having fun

When I think of you
I get chills chills
Up and down my spine
You may have someone
Else but I can think
Think that you're mine
She can't give you all
Can't give you happiness
Happiness I can give you
Someday you will learn
We can be together
Together as a pair of two
That day you will know
How wrong you were to
Believe she was your life
One day she will hurt
Hurt you; it will be as
If she cut you with a knife
You will come to me and
Beg that I'll take you
You in my life forever
I'll take you for me
And people can try
But apart we'll be never

People laugh at me - Do I have a heart

People laugh at me
When I say that
I love you
They don't know
Or understand what's
Going on
They don't see
What you have the
Potential to be
Everyone has problems
You just have more
Than usual
I can see your frustration
Trying to show people what's
Inside trying to get out
I say I love you
For you

Do I have a heart
Do you
Someone may have mine
I really don't know
Could you find it
Could you catch it
It may be impossible
It may be simple
Once I get my heart
I'll save it
Save it for
For someone special
Someone who
Who really
Really loves me
But for now
It's kept safe
Safe with me

Monday, March 27, 2006

My Friend - I Never Knew

I saw her standing
Across the room
I saw her bending
Helping the elderly
I saw her happy
The frustrated one becoming
I saw her heart
Wanting to share her
I saw her and thought
How blessed I was
To have her as
A friend

I Never Knew
I never knew while
Walking along the shore
I never knew why
You couldn't say more
I never knew the one
To mean quite so much
I never knew how
My life would be touched
I never knew pain
Could be ever so great
I never knew the sorrow
When I was almost too late
I never knew service
To be such a reward
I never knew the
Reason in life, Lord
I never knew this
Feeling inside so deep
I never knew love until
Your life You took for me

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Violin Man - Simon to buy the book of poems

Here are a couple to wet your feet:

Violin Man

Violin Man
Play a tune for me
Violin Man
Please, help me so that I can see
Could this story which I hear
Could it really be true
Violin Man
This is why I have come to you
It's a story of a Man
Who heals the sick, the blind, the lame
It's a story of a Man
Who doesn't see any fame
Violin Man
I heard this Man was crucified
Violin Man
He did no harm so why should He die
Could this Man really be so true
I heard He died
For both me and you
My heart burns within me
Violin Man
It penetrates to the very soul
Like no other feeling can
Violin Man
Thank you for playing a tune for me
Violin Man
Thank you for helping me to see


Looking through the crowds
Wanting through the throng
I saw a Man named Jesus
And in my heart I found a song
He looked battered and torn
Weary from carrying His cross
I saw Him stumble and
Would help Him at any cost
I was beckoned to come near
Told to carry His cross made of wood
No questions arose in my mind
No doubt that I should