Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Friend From Above - White Wall

My friend from above
I will find you
Friendship turned to love
Days may go by
Weeks, months, even years
When last parted
Our eyes filled with tears
But with the knowledge
Of seeing each other again
We promised to stay pure
God's words we would find and tend
My friend from above
Someday I'll find you
To enter the highest kingdom
It's been revealed to be in two's
I will find the strength
But so must you
To seek and find
Til we are as one
When we meet
Happy joy will be our day
But for now
We need to keep the faith
My friend from above
Hopefully soon I'll find you
Our eyes will meet
Our love to be renewed
My friend from above

White wall
Black face
My message to you
Will be easy to trace
Yellow footprints
Blue rain
My love so strong
For you to gain
Play no games
White wall
Black face
I'm real for you
Not one of those fakes
The music rings
In my ear
Ask you my life to dance
What is that? A tear?
White wall
Black face
Some extra time
For us I'll take

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My World Went Blank - We Saw An Old Man Walking - Is It True

My world went blank
My tongue was in (my) cheek
For you, my friend
The smell from words
Told me you reeked
When will you learn
We want someone true
The majority spies over
Our men, number a few
The eleventh hour comes
Much too fast it comes
A torch in your hand
To burn our homes
When the twelfth hour strikes
War will break
King you may be now
Twelfth hour, you our footstool to make
Turn 'round, face your face
We do every waking day
Turn 'round and face your face
Do you really want to pay?

We saw an old man walking
We stopped to ask what he
Was doing out here all alone
He said he was looking for
The wayside after his
Wife had died
We told him to follow behind
We could him help
He struggled not to cry
Wondered for two
Young people to care
Said we wanted
Him as much as
He needs us

Is it true
He waited