Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pick A Picture - Paint A Picture - I Hold Your Hand

Pick a picture
How does it look
Rate a statue
Does it cook
Flip a coin
Which side is
Toss a salad
Leave out the fish
Drown a crown
Make it gold
Open the fridge
Covered in mold
Run a mile
In brand new shoes
I'll tell you know
Watch for that Pooh
This here poem is
Just to say
Pick a picture
To you, O-Tay!

Paint a picture
Make it glue
Paint a rose
Make it blue

I hold your hand
Firm, snug, tight
Our fingers intertwined together
I know I'll be all right

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wind Blows - When I Look Back - Beach Is Sand - Rats Go Crazy - Why Go

The wind blows
In the air
Feel the freshness
Against my skin
A new day is dawning
Can you hear it coming
Wanting to stay and play

When I look back
And see the sorrows
I caused Him
I wonder to myself
Why did He die for

Beach is sand
Window is glass
Light is energy
A race won is best
What is beauty
Looking through your eyes
What are you working for
What is your prize?

Rats go crazy
I wane your way

Why go
Why stay
I don't know
I'm in frays