Saturday, May 22, 2010

Though You Keep Turning Me Down - Hope For Me - What Is Love - I Called For Your

Though you keep turning me down
I can't help falling in love with you
Tell me -- What is (so) wrong that I gross
You out
I would change if I could if I knew
Why am I not fit to be loved by you
Tell me -- What is so wrong that I gross
You out

Hope for me
Hope for you

What is love
Why is love
What IS love
WHY is love

I called for your
Phone number
I wrote for your
I cried without

Sunday, May 09, 2010

We Walk Down The Path - My Heart Cries Out - Help Me, I'm Dying

We walk down the path
Inside the garden
I've seen that face
I struggle to explain
I never cheated
I never lied
You say I was untrue
So were you
You say I was mean
You were green
We part down the path
I didn't mean to hurt you
I take one last look
There will be a void
In my heart, life
Will you ever see
Until --- When?

My heart cries out
My tears beat down my cheeks
Thinking about you leaving me
Makes my body go weak

Help me, I'm dying
I can't stand anymore
My knees are weak
My eyes are full of water
My heart is broken day and night
Where is my strength?
Where is my strength to continue on?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Play - Pickle Me Juice - Is Solid - Dixie Is - Cold Fingers Touch My Skin - Water Trickles Down My Spine

Play a
Song for
Pick a
Tune for

Pickle me juice
Pickle me jazz
Green is what green does
Green is the color of grass

Is solid
A color?

Dixie is
Is cotton

Cold fingers touch my skin
Horror fills my soul

Water trickles down my spine
Chills traveling from head to toe

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Can't Promise You The World - "She's Under My Thumb" - Is

I can't promise you the world
But I can promise you my love
Let me show you what I have to give
You're my innocent one, a dove
I've loved you for as long as
When will you open your eyes
See what I have to give
See what you're missing out on
Without you why should I live
How long will this episode
Can I go guessing when you'll know
See what is available to you
Each time we're together
I feel as a babe, new
How long will it take for you to

"She's under my thumb"
I heard someone say
She'll be squished as a bug
By the end of the day

A picture
Than a

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Children - Can We Go On In This Way - (Don't) - Feather - Cran - Are You There

Blessed with
Cry with
Joy with
How can you not see
God's love in our

Can we go on in this way
I try to tell you, to say
My eyes turn blue, green, blue, red
I'm no second fiddle to ya babe
If she were near would I be ta - ken
Saw you yesterday, shoulder had a head
I'm leaving, going my way
Gonna find someone won't make me say
My eyes turn blue, green, blue, red


Is it work?


Are you there
Sitting on my couch
I see an indention
There's a dent in the cushions
Are you there
Driving my car

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We End Up - Cupid Shot My Love's Heart - Life Without - Dance - There Was An Old Woman

You breaking my heart
I break yours
We end up
In tears
We lie to each other
Tell truths to confound
Our skeletons would
Make a pitchers mound
We go to the world
Look for something to enjoy
After a year or two
It's each other we annoy
Can we get our lives
Together the way they were
Couples like us they
Are so few

Cupid shot my love's heart
Cupid helped his heart to start

Life without
You is
Not life


There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe
She had so many horses
 She didn't know what to do
There was an old man
Who lived in a crooked house
He had a big farm beside him
With only one creature - a mouse
So the old lady and the old man
Got married as a solution
And happy were they
For the horses had a playground

Friday, January 01, 2010

I Am Burnt - As I Was Thinking - He Came To Earth To Reign - Empty

I am burnt
I am hurting
What did I do wrong
Why does the sun hate me
I walk funny
I look funny
Why didn't I cover myself
Why am I so stupid
When is this gone
When will I look normal
I'm gonna get cancer
I wish I wasn't so stupid

As I was thinking
Minking, winking
You stood there
Hands open
Words stuck in mouth
As I was standing
Spanding, canding
You circled here
Head down
Silence was louth

He came to earth to reign
He preached the gospel to man
So we could come unto Him
He bled and died for me
That I may come back
With my family