Saturday, February 19, 2011

It Ain't Over - People Say "I'd Die For You" - Clean

It ain't over
Til it's over
I try to tell
But you won't
Listen and walk
You're in love
Though not with
Your heart is now
With your secretary
She stole you away
Right before my eyes

People say "I'd die for you"
I want to know why
If they love you and are
Loved by you
Why would they die
I love you and want to be close
Forever and forever


Sunday, February 06, 2011

I Am A Daughter

I am a daughter
A daughter of God
I came to this earth
During the times
Of mod
I'm part of the plan
To help the gospel grow
I don't want to let
My Saviour down
For that I want Him to know
Together you and I
Can bring this to pass
To share His love
To show the world
The greener side of grass
We need to be faithful
We need to be humble
Or during our journey
We may someday
I want Him to be proud
I want to be true
So I can go about
Preaching the gospel
To all of you
It'll be a long journey
It should be hard fought and won
We need to teach the world
All about the Son
I'll preach 'til it's over
I'll travel 'til the end
I want to show my love
For Him and everyone
To you to send
I hope you will learn
For this is true
Before you were born
The Christ and Saviour
You once knew
He loves you so dearly
For your sins He paid
That you might come
Unto Him; Never let His light
To fade
He'll show you the truth
He'll show you the way
For when you see Him
Oh! That will be
Such a joyful day
Be honest, be true
For the path that is strait
He is there to help you
To love you when down
To see you through the gate
One day you will see
How happy you will find
By serving His children
No guilt there will be
On your mind