Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Eyes Are Red - When There's Joy

My eyes are red
They start to swell
They're huge enough
So I can't see
I start to dream
I see puppies dancing
Kittens barking
Pink horses
Brown elephants
The alarm goes off
And I have to get up
For another day
Of school
The hours pass on
And my stomach
Tells me, Feed me!
I say be quiet and
Go to sleep
I wish I could do
The same

When there's joy
There's happiness
It's in the air
Grab it
Put it in your
You will never
Be desolate of'
This wonderful
Pass it around
To your friends
Your family
You will see
How happy you
Can always

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is Life Hard - Take Me Away - Seems Like - There Was A Girl -

Why is life hard
Why is life contentious
Why does everyone
Have to be pretentious
In my heart I know
I don't know who
Else does
There are so few
We come and go
Never finding
Never knowing
I could be asking

Take me away
Take me away
From this state of mind
Where can I go
To get away from
This state of mind

Seems like
You have
Gone and
Left me
Never to
Be seen

There was a girl
She didn't know
Who to pick
So one day
She picked Rick

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heart To Heart - Guys - Love Is - What Are We To Do? - We Go Walking

Heart to heart
We speak

But "R"
Not "4"

Love is
Never where
It ought to

What are we to do?
What are we to do?
I don't know about you
I'm going to listen
To the breezes of
The wind
The rush of the

We go walking
When the wind blows
Your hair flaps
I close my jacket
Trying to get warm
You see me struggle
With what?
My life or jacket?
We go walking
When the wind blows