Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Voices Rendered - I Once Had You To Lean On - A Woman Is Sitting - I'm Lost In A World

Voices rendered

I once had you to lean on
And now you are gone
What am I to do
Now that I miss you
I had a problem
You came to me
I tore you apart
And now you are gone

A woman is sitting
By her door waiting
Waiting for someone
Who took her heart
And loved her all
Through the years
Of their marriage
She will see him soon
Sooner than she
Thinks; Knows
They will be
Together again

I'm lost in a world
All of my own
No one can understand
No one can be confused
I'm trapped in a world
All of my own
No one can enter
No one can leave
I'm caught
I'm surrounded
By people who
Don't know what's
Going on in
My mind
Sometimes I feel
Like killing myself
There's only one thing
Holding me back
The Celestial

Sunday, December 11, 2011

There Was A Man - Where Are You? - I See Your Light Shine

There was a man
This man had a shoe
The shoe had a hand
The hand held mine
Mine held yours
Yours held the mans
Now it's Saturn's turn

Where are you?
Not with me
I wish you could see
All I've gone through
What is love anyway?
It's just a word you wanted
Me to say
My heart broke that day
I have nothing to say

I see your light shine
I see your face glow
There's something about you
I want to know
You have a smile
That brightens your face
You can see it
In every place
You say it's from
The gospel you teach
You tell everyone
Who is within reach
There's the baptism
And conversion
But first of all
There are the discussions
Now I have the glow on my face
You can see in every place