Thursday, February 23, 2006

Violin Man - Simon to buy the book of poems

Here are a couple to wet your feet:

Violin Man

Violin Man
Play a tune for me
Violin Man
Please, help me so that I can see
Could this story which I hear
Could it really be true
Violin Man
This is why I have come to you
It's a story of a Man
Who heals the sick, the blind, the lame
It's a story of a Man
Who doesn't see any fame
Violin Man
I heard this Man was crucified
Violin Man
He did no harm so why should He die
Could this Man really be so true
I heard He died
For both me and you
My heart burns within me
Violin Man
It penetrates to the very soul
Like no other feeling can
Violin Man
Thank you for playing a tune for me
Violin Man
Thank you for helping me to see


Looking through the crowds
Wanting through the throng
I saw a Man named Jesus
And in my heart I found a song
He looked battered and torn
Weary from carrying His cross
I saw Him stumble and
Would help Him at any cost
I was beckoned to come near
Told to carry His cross made of wood
No questions arose in my mind
No doubt that I should