Monday, July 31, 2006

The Day Dawned - Kiss Me With Your Soft Lips - Sometimes I Do What's Right - My Love For The Saviour

The day dawned
The morning broke
It was you that I
I almost forsook

Kiss me with your soft lips
Bait me with your tongue
Desire grows with each passing moment
Can't get enough of you

Sometimes I do what's right
Sometimes I do what's wrong

My love for the Saviour
Is one that can't be undone
I want to see His face
And know the race, I won

Monday, July 24, 2006

My Love - I'm Here Awake - In The Light Of Day - You Were There - My Baby

My love
Was strong
But now
You're gone

I'm here awake
With nothing to do
In twelve hours
It'll be almost noon
I hope I'm about
To fall asleep soon
My eyes are hurting
They need to be closed

In the light of day
There is nothing to say

You were there
Waiting for me
How could I have known

My baby
Went to town
Leaving me
On my own

Friday, July 14, 2006

Tis The Season For Jolly - One Hour, Two Hour - We Are God's Children - Green Is See Thru - Cry Into My Face

Tis the season for jolly
But don't end up with the colic

One hour, two hour
Time passes on

We are God's children
He has not left us
We are God's offspring
He has not abandoned us
If there be a space
It is our doing
If there be a divide

Green is see thru
Your face is too

Cry into my face
Wipe the tears off your
Blow a horn is what I
For tomorrow is a new