Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've Been Set Apart - Walk Forward - When Will I Go Home

I've been set apart
As a missionary
Never seeing my family
For eighteen months
Was I ready to come
To serve the Lord
I see the testimonies
Strong, I want to hide
I know I mustn't for
There are those depending
I question myself asking
"Am I fake? Do I
Belong amongst these nobles?"
I was told He was pleased
Before leaving my kin
I doubt, but why?
Am I that much closed?
My love for the Saviour
I confess is strong
For what He did to let
Me live! He lives!
How shall I repay?

Walk forward
Look behind
(I) see footprints
In the sand

When will I go home
Will I go when He says, "Come"
When will my mission end
Will I be ready when for me
He will send
When will I see my family
Will I be prepared when they say
"Come - together we'll be"