Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Lord Is My Shepherd - I Didn't Want To End Up Like This - Pick A Dilly Goozle - Rabbit Bounces - Erring To Be

The Lord is my Shepherd
He said, "Come, Follow Me"
The Lord is my Saviour
He died to make me free
The Lord is my Brother
I open my eyes and see
The grave has no power
He died and has the key
My heart is full of love
For His pain, for me
I serve not for myself, but for He
The Lord is my Shepherd
He said, "Come, Follow Me"

I didn't want to end up like this
All I felt I really wanted was your kiss
I didn't know I would be hit so hard
I found out you want no part
I would've swam the great oceans
Climbed all mountains to sea
Ran from coast to coast of all countries
Would these be better than potion?

Pick a dilly goozle
Pick a dilly gnaws
Rain a parade on the only
Main street

Rabbit bounces
Carrot trounces

Erring to be
Human to err