Monday, September 11, 2006

There She Goes - This Is My Life - The Time Has Come To Be Joined As One

There she goes
Roller coasting our lives
Here she comes
Making a detour of me
"What do you want of me?"
They both ask of each other
"Where am I?"
They both want to know
Can she live without him?
Yes, she can she tells herself
Does she want to live without?
No, of course not!
How will they survive?
Time will tell
Is all that can be said

This is my life
Is that yours?
I came all that distance
And you weren't there
I came to see you live
But your face was blank
This is me in person
Is that your person?
My emotions are shot
I want no more games

The time has come to be joined as one
We are no more to be as separate individuals
So tight that we are superglued together
But there are times that glue isn't so super
I'm lost and confused as to what to do
We are so opposite we're the same
We are so the same that we're opposite
What is there for me to say?
What is there for me to keep silent?