Tuesday, April 11, 2006

People Having Fun - When I think of you

I hear the roar of the ocean
See the reflection of the moon
I see a shell and pick it up
Try to listen to the ocean
I see people having fun
Several fire rings are blazing
Swimmers are swimming
The sand goes between my toes
I see a volleyball game
I see people having fun
I finally see him over there
He's walking with the guys
Do they see me I wonder
They are walking towards me
I see people having fun
They suddenly stop and look
His friends leave him
He doesn't know what to do
I run and give him a kiss
We see people are having fun

When I think of you
I get chills chills
Up and down my spine
You may have someone
Else but I can think
Think that you're mine
She can't give you all
Can't give you happiness
Happiness I can give you
Someday you will learn
We can be together
Together as a pair of two
That day you will know
How wrong you were to
Believe she was your life
One day she will hurt
Hurt you; it will be as
If she cut you with a knife
You will come to me and
Beg that I'll take you
You in my life forever
I'll take you for me
And people can try
But apart we'll be never