Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where Am I Going - She Ached For His Love - My Life Is A Wreck

Where am I going
Where where where
What's that in my way
What what what
How can I believe
How how how
Why am I me
Why why why

She ached for his love
She knew she couldn't
Have that love
He was thinking of
She grew more and more
Desperate as the years

My life is a wreck
Like a car crashing
A turtle
I have no direction
No emphasis
I've been drained
Of everything
Of caring
Of hating
All I want is
Music; music
That's loud and
Can take me away
Away from
Everyday things
I just have
No life
In me
I'm just a
A body that
Does things
Goes places
I'm nothing
No body
I feel like....nothing