Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your Fingers Touched Mine - She Couldn't Stand - Will I Dance

Your fingers touched mine
As we danced
We talked for a while
I think I saw you smile
My head went in a whirl
Do you see me as
A pretty girl?
My hands were sweaty (I hope you didn't mind)
I want you for my teddy (bear)
The song came to a close
Only heaven knows what
The future holds
As you said my name it was as if
No one was around; I didn't want
To come back to
The ground
For joy my heart leaped
My bones, they went weak
I wish for you
My heart to keep
Please don't break it

She couldn't stand
To lose him
So she agreed
For he knew
He was what
She needs

Will I dance
This lonely
My whole life