Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm Sitting Next - My Life - I Can't Fall

I'm sitting next
To you
You are sitting
Next to me
In a room
Full of people
All of a sudden
They are gone
You face me
I face you
What are we
To do?
Then out of
I scream

My life
What's it for
What am I to do
I'm confused
About everything
There's no confidence
There's no esteem
Why do I have
To be like this
Why can't I
Do anything
Why am I scared
I need a push, but
I push it away
I don't have
A life
I feel I shouldn't
This doesn't make
Any sense
Should it
Why should I care
Why care
About anything

I can't fall
In love with
You know the
Reason for
People would
Your girlfriend
Would beat
Me to a