Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Am A Liahona - I'm Going Through Life

I am a liahona
I direct you
To the Light
It's up to me
To stay on
The right path
If not, your
Exaltation may
Not come to pass

I'm going through life
With a blindfold
It seems
That I can occasionally
Look through
Then it gets a little darker
I'm trying to break through
But it's a difficult
Task to do
I sometimes get trapped
In my own feelings
Going through all
The possibilities
Before the choice
I do but then
I don't know why
I'm here on earth
It's been explained
And I can explain
But it's still not clear
I'm not quite ready
To see Christ
The way I see it
I need help
But yet no one
Seems to help